Marcel Proust reads by Josephine Sin

Remembrance of Perdue Time Passes


Everybody reading Proust is existing Proust inside myself by Marcel Proust

Long passes, I lay myself in an bon hour. Again, when candle lights blows in disppears. My eyes was closed as life as not have passed time to said myself: I fall asleep as I. As in an half hour passes,

thinking if he exists in serching time in waking myself in myself. I would settled down in voulum books as I look for I read in future then I had in blowing in my hands of luminous. Afterward, when I am blows out of my lights; I will not had stop sleeping to create the reflexation in my read in reading. Appearing reflexation in the little busy works in the delicated tour in the subway travel. He hands his in essence himself to say delicately fortunes: a church, one piece of quatour, an rivalary between Francois Ier and Charles Quint. Surviving hooks on the trees as my moment as in my dream. She nor drum back to me is reason that will Think as like I shave off the fish’s blinks. And their barriers to themselves as they calculte the candle lights is not eliminated. Then, she didn’t started in myself of understaning as I got. Afterward, the metempsycose in their thoughts of the ancient’s exsitence; the subject in the book as me touch in me. I exists in book of myself in use as nothingness; At the moment I rediscover my view and I exist in born shocking to perduce my tour as me at the dark. Deux en douce and leisure to turn into my eyes, may sure plus encore into my spirt. Whom from she appears as one things nor cause, incomprehensible, as one things truly in seeing. I am demand I am every hours to search him I exist. I was hearing him who wheezed from trains. Plus reduce from distance to distance, as he sings like a bird in the forest. Myself was wrote down in extending in her greeny desert as a traveler hasten to her nearer station; and his short way to go following to his existed Grave at his memories of activation in duty to unlimited newly rooms. At innummbered acts in habits, at her causual newly talks in innummbered Goodbye under a lamp of outsiders. Who accompany at the silient night, to her ways back with she ‘s sweety.


長響時間, 我存在於卧床時間的每個好時光. 再三, 在自己痛苦的爉光熄滅時, 我雙眼緊閉如你生命尚未擁有的時間對我說:我睡在我. 於半個時刻後, 那思考若如在他存在的時間中尋找睡意使自己甦醒;我願安置在卷冊中, 如再次相信當擁有雙手而吹熄我的明光.我尚未止息在沉睡創造所有反映在未來所讀, 再現映所有人享有被忙碌所佔的一個微小而別緻的旅程;他自在如存取我之精藝讀品: 一座教堂, 一首四重奏, 敵對法蘭索瓦一世與卡爾五世. 這信念生存懸掛樹上的念勾秒間存在在我夢中;她沒撞擊拍向我的理由猶如去了鱗片的雙眼,如他們阻止自己找著計時的爉光尚未曾熄滅.然而她尚未開始在自己所見之智慧, 猶如她的轉生在她們思想一個古老存在; 那主旨在書中見摘下的我, 我存在於書中的自身在感應於空;頃刻發現她注視並在我吃驚的周邊相撞於獨自黑暗, 甜美雙性與閒情於我眼中, 可是絕對配對加上再度出現在我的靈魂之中,在猜她是誰出現如一個事物所起, 無法理解, 如一個事物之真現.

要我每個鐘認知我的存在;我尚未聽到誰的鳴笛聲,加上就是減少遠距離複合性觀察, 就如鳥在森林歌唱,關係到疏失距離, 如我尚未描寫過去展開在她的綠丘中的他之旅行者,自己提早朝向將近車站; 在小徑裡跟進他回憶中的墓碑; 激發無數自身的任務,到所有不習慣的行動, 到她那最新的閒聊和無數告別在陌生的燈光下, 誰再次伴隨著在寧靜的晚上, 在她迎接甜美中回歸.

My secret lover in search me in the different universes

I sense him in the substream in my heart

He Loves you thee as I Loves Him thee

I will date him with her in January

I love him.

Proust with Josephine





Virginia Woolf/Proust/Josephine

Be Calm

Be calm

I don’t know what you exactly want what

Please calm for your emotion

I suppose you not sure what you say

Please give me silence day for my heart.

Eating meals as you like and hunger for the target girl you love for.

I hope you have Good Dream every day.

Young Boy, you will get your bonus as your wishes.








少年, 你會得到你想要的獎賞.

A Good Sunday Afternoon

A girl puts the ball into the basketball net.

Her simile like the sweet sunshine drunk into the red.

I can imagine Dante met Beatrice in Florence.

It’s the magic love running on the earth.

A Good Sunday afternoon.






God’s muse

When one man found a Night-Piece from the sky.

His eyes were following by the moon and the scattered clouds run.

Glance at the first time, women are not knowing from his universe from the past.

After the repeated spelling from the heart remembering,

Instantaneously, the lost voice falls on the women’s mind.

A moment’s muse is one serene scene from the creator.

To swept your inharmonious conflicts in your mind.

Thanks, Wordsworth.




掃一眼, 女人不明他過去的宇宙


突然, 失去的聲音再落在女人的思緒


用以掃去你難協調的衝突. 謝,華茲華斯.

Trees 7 Oct 2020

There are trees beside the football playground. I walk frequently on this path. The wind breathes the trees as the melody is played by the pianist gently. I have a memory of this moment as water flows through the rocks. Are the rocks feel like me? I don’t know when we can’t understand the people we on loving. The heart connects to the heart is everyone wishes. However, when someone does like it occurs difficulties. Between colour and colourless there has many dimensions and nuances. Blind is no this walls to overcome because they use touching to replace the eyes. My eyes have been polluted by various fashion and can’t find the true colour of the persons they have had. If possible, I will lucky to catch the inner colour of someone in the future. Then, I must mark in my memory as like the poets can write it down.

樹旁有足球場, 時常走進此路. 風輕吹樹如琴手奏旋律. 記憶似水流穿石. 石是否可感覺?我不懂猶如我們不理解在愛時. 心系心是人願. 但做是很難的. 在顏色與無色之間滿載分別. 盲人是無需克服因他們用觸摸代替眼. 眼被千萬衣著的人污染, 無能力找到人心所屬的顏色. 如幸運地捕捉內在顏色的某個人. 我會記憶如詩人寫下它.